The Bordeaux region is famous for its gastronomic excellence, in particular in the Charente-Maritime area you can discover and taste some of the best ingredients in the whole country. The Chateau de Mirambeau, in the center of this rich region, is the ideal destination for those wishing to organize a few days to discover local gastronomy and traditions.

Sturgeon caviar

The sturgeon of our estuary, the European species STURIO, is protected today, and its fishing prohibited since 1982.

The preparation of caviar was started again in 1995, thanks to the breeding in basins of a Siberian species, the BAERI, also raised for its incomparable flesh, especially in Saint-Fort-sur-Gironde

The "Cagouille" of Charentes

Met emblematic of the region that you will find in the menu of the Chef.

You can also visit a regional breeding park where you can discover "the big gray" and "the little gray", the hatchery its transformation in a laboratory on the farm.

Asparagus from Blayais

Its incomparable quality comes from the specificity of the terroir. The richness of the soil gives beautiful asparagus of an exceptional whiteness and a very great tenderness.

Lamb of Pauillac

The choice of breeds that produce this lamb is based on dairy mothers with maternal qualities and fathers developing beef qualities.

Oysters of Marennes

The Marennes-Oléron basin is a natural region of the Charente-Maritime and an oyster production area of ​​over 30 km², between the estuaries of Charente and Gironde and part of the island of Oléron.

If you want to know everything about this exquisite meal, go to the port of La Cayenne. You will discover its colorful huts, as well as the oyster’s city


We are lucky that the Charente terroir offers us this black diamond of gastronomy.

Willy's Honey

This producer offers honey from hives scattered around the township of Mirambeau.

In love with his bees, he makes various honeys artisanally.

You will find at Château this year's exclusive production.

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