A bit of history

Château de Mirambeau was built on the site of an old medieval fortress. From the 11th Century onwards it was attacked many times, passing regularly back and forth between French and English hands. It finally became a French possession in the 15th Century. Badly damaged after several sieges, destructions and fires, that is around 1570 that the present neo-Gothic north wing was built. The Castle was purchased by a family from Lorraine in the beginning of the 18th Century before finally becoming state-owned after the 1789 Revolution. In 1813 the domain was sold to Count Charles Nicolas Duchâtel who completely rebuilt the Castle. In 2002 the Castle was totally renovated and refurbished with the best of care and attention to convert it into one of the most marvelous French Relais & Chateaux.

Since 2006, Château de Mirambeau belongs to Sorgente Group, which operates in the field of real estate investments and finance, and also acquired the management in November 2010 through the brand Sorgente Hotels and Resorts. In 2015 the castle was closed due to renovations and reopened its doors in April 2016 with 18 additional rooms and a renovated Spa.

Château de Mirambeau invites to dive into a rich past of art and history and to experience a unique atmosphere.

Available services

Bar Enjoy bar service in the living room Grand salon, at the Cognatheque or in the new Le Jardin bar next to the swimming...

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Luxury castle

Located between land and sea, in a well-known wine region, Château de Mirambeau is the ideal residence to discover and share the flavors of the region, staying in a Renaissance-style Castle...

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